May 1st at Science House: Feast on Innovation: An evening inspired by the genius of Michelangelo

Feast on Innovation May 1st at Science House

Join us for an evening that places today’s innovators in context with the Renaissance masters. Michelangelo is the guiding spirit of this interactive event in which we’ll explore genius, innovation and collaboration.

Feast on Innovation™ will include talks and interactive workshops by some of the most important voices in branding, technology and science.

Guests will be invited to the rooftop for an intimate wine networking reception.

The evening concludes with a feast for 12 guests only, inspired by Michelangelo's shopping list.

Feast on Innovation Dinner with Feast on History

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For anyone who wants a phenomenal meal mixed with an unforgettable experience, make sure you experience a Feast on History event as soon as possible – it will satiate your palate and satisfy your Soul.
— Beth Marshall

Feast on History’s private dinners follow the Italian tradition of the communal meal as the original bonding activity. Featuring the luxurious intimate setting of a chef’s table at our midtown Manhattan kitchen, the experience centers on lovingly prepared food, a custom curated wine list, and a stimulating historical discussion in a warm, boisterous, friendly setting. At the conclusion of the evening, guests are satisfied mind, body and soul, having had a great meal, learned a new twist on a favorite dish and made new friends or strengthened their bonds with others.

Perfect for private birthday or anniversary parties, client appreciation dinners, small company holiday parties and team building activities. Feast on History dinners are held at Kitchen NYC at 51st Street and 8th Avenue. This cozy space has seating for up to 15 people and a professional kitchen where guests will be invited to join in the cooking. 

Feast is the rarest of vintages and without equal. Just about a decade in the making, these offerings personify joyful dining while revering the family table. Broad aromas of garlic, goodness, caramelized delicacy, are layered with friendship, discovery, and a hint of adventure. The banquet table is layered with memories of hearth and home, human laughter and folly, forgotten treasures, and sometimes even song. Danielle and Christian have created a cornucopia of life in its most delectable form.
— Mark Mauriello

Feast on History Food and Wine Events for fundraisers

Hire our team of scholars and chefs to custom create your next fundraiser or development event. Please email for more details.

Danielle and her husband have opened a window of wonders on Italian culinary history with astonishing richness and expressive power. They both bring an aesthetic sensibility that is largely disappearing in our fast-paced world. Anyone who thinks they have discovered the great power of Italian cuisine should attend ‘Feast on History’ event in order to get a detailed understanding of Italian tradition.
— Chef Mohan Kulisingham