Feast on History Food and Wine Events

Feast on History™ creates immersive food and wine experiences that engage all five senses.

We believe in the universal experience of gathering people at the table for food, wine and meaningful conversation. 

We create bespoke events for museums, foundations and creative companies that want to create a direct, emotional connection to the heart and soul of their mission. 


Meet new friends or strengthen relationships with old ones with one of our private cooking and dining events in our midtown Manhattan kitchen.


Immerse yourself in history on one of our food, art and wine tours in at beautiful Borgo La Pietraia in Capaccio-Paestum. Explore Greek temples, dine in a Norman castle, and explore your own creativity at our private countryside hideaway.


Our dinners, walking tours and tastings bring together like-minded people who forge friendships, networks and strong bonds.

For anyone who wants a phenomenal meal mixed with an unforgettable experience, make sure you experience a Feast on History event as soon as possible – it will satiate your palate and satisfy your Soul.
— Beth Marshall